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    Miss Natasha Enquist's debut album, MNE, is the semi-autobiographical story of her journey of self-discovery told through the voice of a adventure-hungry Star Captain, who leaves her home planet to discover a new world,and the struggles she faces while there.
    Weaving in lines of poetry from various German poets such as Ingeborg Bachmann, Karin Boye, and Rainer Maria Rilke, the narrative of the album touches on themes of kindred spirits, love, passion, loneliness and the resolution that comes from connecting to the indomitable spirit within.
    Each song on MNE, which was recorded and produced by Kollo Agency in Berlin, Germany, and the sound of the album experiments with sound design of the accordion through sampling,distortion, and effects as well as noticeable melody lines.
    Miss Natasha Enquist’s intention is to treat the accordion as a human-powered synthesizer, by utilizing the instrument in both traditional and innovative ways, resulting in a very textural, cinematic and atmospheric album.
    Recorded in the late Summer & Autumn 2014 at Kollo Agency in Berlin, Germany.
    Copyright © MNE Records 2015
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released August 9, 2016

Star Space Captain Princess, Capitana della Fisa, has grown very bored of her beautiful home on the Golden Planet. Living there for 20,000 years, a utopia of harmony and peace, it has left her desiring more out of life, desiring adventure. In order to learn more about herself, and to search and discover her dreams, she must leave. She boards her spaceship, leaving behind the comforts of a perfect life, for a new world.

With a smooth landing, her welcome to this new world is quite warm and inviting. She has found a blue planet, much younger than her home planet. With the arrival and becoming acquainted with this new home, she meets a fellow world traveler, a lover with a kind soul. There is a night of romance with this kindred spirit, which ignites her, inspires her and leaves her hungry for more.

Looking for more fun is not easy for the Star Captain, as she is unaware of the evil that exists on this young planet. She is only of good, the darkness of evil holds much envy for her and quickly sinks it’s claws into her. Not only does she have to battle this darkness from the outside, but must also battle it from within as doubt and despair has now reached her.

Struggling through this battle, she does come out on the other side a changed person, but a stronger one at that. Feeling reborn and exhausted on the other side, she is met by an elder Star Captain who knows she is not of this world that they are standing on, and that she is wise beyond her years. Her elder assures her everything will be fine for her, and that her adventure has been worthwhile. Her elder let’s her know that she gave this world a message of good and was a bright light to them, and that this is why this adventure was important.

The time then comes for the Star Captain to leave the blue planet, which she has grown to love so dearly. Imperfect in so many ways, her fondness for this planet is unbreakable. She wishes so badly that the children of this world could put their differences aside, and find the harmony that her Golden Planet lives with such ease. She says goodbye, and wishes the children, of all ages, to take good care of each other and to have peaceful sleeps through their lives.


Miss Natasha Enquist – vocals, accordion
Maurizio Vitale – noise percussion

Artistic Production:
Miss Natasha Enquist
Jacopo Vannini
Samuele Dessi

Recorded in the late Summer & Autumn 2014 at Kollo Agency in Berlin, Germany

Editing, mix & mastering by Kollo Agency

Music by Miss Natasha Enquist, except for “Summer Bird”, "Weltgeist", “Unbroken Girl”, & “Iron Heart” by Miss Natasha Enquist & Jacopo Vannini
Lyrics by Miss Natasha Enquist, except for “Villains” & “Just Started” by Miss Natasha Enquist & Dorian Sky Douma

Photography by Magnus Arrevad
Jewelry by Perlensäue
Styling by Benedetta Baiocchi
Located at Café Grosz in Berlin, Germany
Logo design by Christopher Bradford

Thank you:
Tempo Trend Music, Guerrini Accordions, Café Grosz, Maurizio Vitale, Magnus Arrevad, Benedetta Baiocchi, Perlensäue, Christospher Bradford, Ambra Fiorenza, Xavier Agudo, Alessandro Murgia, Daniela Lucato,
Livio Pinna, Steve Last, Paul Van Loo, Darren Stone, Camiel Pell,
Gillian Reiss, Steve Morell, König Timmi, Takane Yoshimura, Philipp Stein

Special thank you:
To my parents - Gordon and Rosaline, Kollo Agency, Victor Dolhai,
Dorian Sky Douma, Joan Athey, Stephanie Walsh,
Luisa Deledda, Giancarla Balestra, Fayez Samara



all rights reserved


Miss Natasha Enquist Berlin, Germany

Miss Natasha Enquist is a Professional Singer and Accordionist, Actress and Model based in Berlin, Germany. Originally from British Columbia, Canada, she has performed her way from Canada to Walt Disney World, and over to Europe to progress with her dreamy, dark, romantic sound of mixing electronic pop music with her accordion chanteuse style. ... more

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Track Name: Golden Planet
Cosmic kisses with solar love
Keeps me from what I’m tired of
20,000 years in space
Left me bored, out of place
The passion from our last night
Gives me strength for this solo flight

Left our world on a mission of light
Found you waiting, horizon so bright
Board my spaceship for all is done
I’m your Star Captain; I’m the only one
Turn left at the stardust streams
There’s a blue planet of forgotten dreams

Put your suit of glamour on
This ride is a bumpy one
Hitchhike through the universe
And bring back the Sun

Beautiful light that keeps us warm
Don’t wait up baby, I’ll be gone by dawn
I need a life of a different kind
Don’t cry baby, our love will be fine

Will it matter, this voyage I’m on?
Without your smile all feels wrong
I miss the cosmos saying my name
As I find a new world to tame
Keeping hope close to my heart
That future flies while we’re apart
Track Name: Summer Bird
In unheard dreams
Of half-set summer nights
The loneliest bird
Shows her feathers of white

Pulled from the ground
From her royal road
In morning’s bright wind
Her soft wings can unload

Summer is a promise
This bird will fly to
Summer is a promise
This bird will fly to

Far, far away
Little song of sleep
Shows the summer sky
Her newfound home to keep

She does not soar up
Hangs lowly and low
Proving her colours
Bright white with afterglow
Track Name: What I Want
What I want
Is what you need
To move mountains
And part the seas

Bring back the rain
Calm down the wind
With your kiss
Lightening begins

Hand in hand
Never touching the ground
Love’s a twister
Spinning around

What I give
Is what you crave
Like falling land
Into Earth’s hot waves

Clear the fog
And thunder for me
I feel your hands
Like a storm at sea

That’s what I want
(Desire pouring down)
That’s what I need
(Lost in love, we drown)
That’s what I want

What I wish
What you command
Bodies of water
Will touch every bare land
Track Name: Weltgeist
If I breathe in this kiss of first sight
If I breathe out the flame burning bright
Gently whisper me your favourite game
And your world will never be the same

And tonight the heavy earth is falling away (falling away)
From all other stars in the lonely sky

This air is fresh with your starlight
A night with lost souls held so tight
The leaves are falling from summer's end
Heaven's gardens will always descend

The blue of nightfall brought us here
The calm of your hands kept us near
The sky hangs high with your embrace
Every time we fall back into place

Und in den Nächten fällt die Schwere Erde
aus allen Sternen in die Einsamenkeit

The Moon sends the clouds off to bed
Constellations cleared to be read
And if I travel far from what is now
Will you follow after anyhow?

The blue of nightfall brought us here
The calm of your hands kept us near
The sky hangs high with your embrace
Every time we fall back into place
Track Name: Unbroken Girl
Heart-shaped kisses
Charcoaled eyes
Taste this white rose
With surprise

Bright red hair
You dance for them

Unbroken Girl
No one needs to know
Beyond this world
You will never grow old

Take his hand
But let hers in
They talk about you
As you pose for him

Bright red hair
You dance for them
In silent soft nights
Brave ‘til the end
Track Name: Villains
Cave to the will of the call
Cave to the will of the call
Cave to the will of the call

Fought because we can’t hold back
We stood in the way
To break down what we don’t deserve
We sought what our fears could save
And we cave to the will of the call
We came to justify
Laughed as our world’s collide
And we cave to the will of the call

Cave to the will of the call
Track Name: Iron Heart
Calm down
Your feet are still on the ground
They all say you’re so strong
That you know where you belong

We are lost in time
On the road of our lives
Take this iron heart
Through the dark you’ll find the light

Calm down
Lift your head and look around
How did you get this far?
Without knowing who you are?
Track Name: Just Started
Good morning, there star child
You know you have your own direction
And we see the same fertile skies
We don’t give away our position

But I hope you’ll learn
How to make the connection

Because you just started
Because you just started, now
And it’s all starting now

What I know isn’t recognized
Of how to better our situation
And you can see the same thing in my eyes
When I started this mission
Track Name: We, The Sleepy Children
We, the sleepy children
Who walk each other home
Gazing at the moonlight
Lit by the stars of my own

I must return to my bed
Although it’s far away
I loved each friend I made here
The laughter we shared every day

I wish you peaceful slumber
For our lives now lack that ease
That youth had given smoothly
With dreams above the trees

I hope you see each new day
As a chance to be your best
Help your sisters and brothers
Love the ride until we rest

Bring together tonight
Deep sighs forever more
Who really know what we’re doing
And why we bother with war

Dance with me once more dear
Our spirits are all the same
No matter where we come from
“Friend” is always your name

We, the sleepy children
Who walk each other home
Gazing at the moonlight
Lit by the stars of my own